The Rugby League Ground Safety Officers' Association was first established in April 1997 to provide a suitable forum to debate matters of mutual concern, to facilitate the sharing of ideas and practices, to discuss the training requirements of safety officers and stewards, to establish common practice in the area of ground safety procedures and to formulate a consensus which might be applied to negotiations with all relevant authorities.


  1. NAME
    1. The Association shall be known as the Rugby League Ground Safety Officers Association, or such other name as the voting members may decide at the A.G.M.
    1. There will be four categories of membership viz. Full, Associate, Corporate and Life membership.
    2. Full membership - open to those serving as Safety Officer, Deputy Safety Officer or Chief Steward at a professional Rugby League Club, or persons considered by the Executive Committee to have relevant safety management role.
    3. Associate membership – open to those who fall outside the definition of Full membership and includes for example, Local Authority Safety Advisory Group Members, Safety Team Members for BARLA Clubs, Members of the Emergency Services or First Aid Organisations, Stadia Design Architects etc.
    4. Corporate membership – open to Limited Companies or other Business Organisations, which are involved in, or have an interest in Ground Safety.
    5. Life Membership – can be awarded to any member considered to have given the Association outstanding service. Such membership to be given approval by members in General Meeting.

    The objectives of the Association are:

    1. To seek to improve safety at professional rugby league grounds within the U.K.
    2. To improve the performance and training of stewards.
    3. To liase with local and central government on issues affecting Rugby League Clubs and the Rugby Football League.
    4. To continually develop the Rugby League Safety Officers Professional skills and expertise and
    5. To support members and their organisations to achieve common safety standards
    6. Voting rights are restricted to Full members only.
    1. The Association will consist of Full members, Associate members, Corporate members and Life members AND, anyone appointed by the membership to carry out a specific role within the Organisation.
    1. At each A.G.M. members with voting rights shall elect a Chairperson, Vice-chair Secretary and Treasurer (‘the Executive Committee’) to run the affairs of the Organisation.
    2. Only members shall be eligible to fill these positions and those elected officers shall have the power to co-opt anyone onto the committee, or working group reporting to the Committee, if they are able to fulfil a special purpose.
    3. Elected officers shall offer themselves for re- election on an Annual basis at the A.G.M., unless requested to stand down before that time by at least a two thirds majority of members at any Association meeting.
    4. The persons elected shall normally remain a Committee member until the close of business at the A.G.M. following their appointment.
    5. Only FULL members are entitled to vote at Association meetings
    1. The Association will meet at least three times per year. The meetings will normally be held at R.L. Grounds and will move around the fraternity in order to promote an awareness of the standards and problems at members grounds
    2. The meeting host will provide refreshments at no costs to Members of the Association or the R.F.L.
    3. The first meeting of each calendar year will be the Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.).
    4. The Executive Committee may convene an Extraordinary General Meeting if appropriate.
    1. Subscription FOR life members will be free. For all other classes of membership subscription levels shall be set annually at the A.G.M. Subscriptions are to be paid prior to, or at the meeting next following the A.G.M.
    2. The Executive Committee shall have the power to suspend any member who is in arrears.
    1. Any category of member may resign at anytime by writing to the Secretary and there will be no refund of membership fee.
    1. Any category of member can be expelled from the Association should any evidence come to light that they are not upholding the principles of modern safety management. Expulsions will only be made after a meeting of the Executive Committee and any expert advisors have considered the evidence.
    2. Expulsion of a member will be in writing and will provide brief information on the reasons for expulsion. Expelled members will receive no refund of fees paid.
    3. Expelled members have the right of appeal to a General Meeting of members.
    1. The Treasurer will present a statement of accounts and balance sheet for the previous year for approval at the A.G.M.
    1. The Secretary will be allowed all reasonable expenses in connection with the efficient discharge of the business of this Association.
    1. The Association may appoint competent auditors at each A.G.M. and all relevant books, accounts, receipts and other documents will be made available to the appointee as soon as possible after the financial year end (31st March).
    2. Where appropriate, certification by the Auditors and subsequent approval will take place at the following General Meeting
    1. Resolutions, duly proposed and seconded by Members who are entitled to vote at any meeting/ A.G.M. must be submitted to the Secretary in writing at least 10 working days prior to the date of the meeting where there will be discussed.
    2. The meeting quorum shall be 7 members
    3. If two thirds of the voting members present at the meeting vote for the resolution, the resolution will be carried.
    4. The Chairperson shall decide whether a reasoned debate shall take place on sensitive issues before the resolution is voted upon.
    5. The Chairperson shall decide whether the vote shall be a show of hands or a secret ballot.
    6. Either the Treasurer or Secretary can deputise for the Chairperson with the approval of members attending where the Chairperson and Vice-chair are unavailable through unforeseen circumstances.
    7. The Secretary within 10 working days following each meeting will forward the minutes of the meeting to all members and to the R.F.L. Inclusive within the minutes will be confirmation of the date and venue of the following meeting.
    8. Items for discussions along with any resolution as described in paragraph 13a should be similarly forwarded to the Secretary no later than 10 working days prior to the meeting in order for the Secretary to include within the meeting agenda. An agenda for the meeting will be circulated 7 days beforehand.
    9. Dates of General meetings will be set at the A.G.M. It is the responsibility of individual members to notify the Secretary in the event of their unavailability either by e- mail or telephone.
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